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The website uses cookies to provide Users with straightforward and efficient services. Cookies are small text files sent by a website to its terminals, where they are stored to be retransmitted to the same website on subsequent visits. Cookies have different purposes and features, and can be used both by the webmaster and by third parties. There are many types of cookies, depending on their features and functions.

This type of cookie allows the proper functioning of some parts of the website. Such cookies can be:
• persistent cookies: they are not deleted once the browser is closed, but are stored for a predefined period of time;
• session cookies: they are deleted once the browser is closed.

Since they are necessary to browse the website properly, these cookies are always used and sent, in relation to the technical services offered, unless the User changes the default browser settings. These cookies do not require explicit consent for their use. The following are also considered technical cookies:
• analytics cookies, if they are used directly by the webmaster to collect information in aggregate form on the number of visiting Users and the way they browse the site;
• navigation or session cookies, necessary for authentication;
• functionality cookies that improve the User's browsing experience.

This type of cookie is used to create User-related profiles as well as to send advertising material in line with the preferences expressed by Users who browse the Internet. In this case, the User's consent is required in advance.

This website uses both technical and third-party profiling cookies. Here is the list of third-party cookies with the corresponding info links:

a) Google: uses analytics and profiling cookies
Google analytics: uses analytics cookies in order to monitor the performance of the website and the number of accesses.
Link to Privacy Policy:;
Link to the description page of the installed cookies:;
Link to the download page of a tool that allows the User to block the installation of these cookies:;
Profiling cookies that may be used: _ga, _gid, _gat, _utma, _utmt, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz, _utmv, gac, AMP_TOKEN.

WARNING: by disabling technical and/or functional cookies, the website may not be available for access, or some of its services /functions may be unavailable or inefficient and Users may be forced to modify or manually type some information or data each time the website is accessed. Third-party cookies (i.e. cookies from websites or web servers other than Aria29) are used for the purposes expressed by these third parties. Please note that these third parties – listed below with the corresponding links to the privacy policies – are usually independent data Controllers of the data collected through the cookies they provide; therefore, reference must be made to their personal data processing policies, information and consent forms. With regard to the third parties who send cookies through the website, we provide below the links to the corresponding privacy policies: as already stated, these third parties have the duty to provide the User with information and to collect his/her consent. This responsibility refers not only to the direct third-party cookies, but also to any additional cookies that are sent through the website by using any services that the third parties themselves employ. With respect to these cookies (sent by the aforementioned third parties who provide services), Aria29 cannot exercise any control and does not know their features or purposes.

By selecting “I Refuse” in the pop-up menu relating to the management of cookies on the website, the User’s system sets the management of cookies relating to Google Analytics as anonymous.

Users can also block or delete (entirely of partially) technical and functional cookies through the specific browser settings. For more information on how to change cookie preferences through the browser, please refer to the relevant info sections:
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